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We know not all companies can afford large marketing projects. That’s why we created GWA Minis.

Minis are designed to be inexpensive but quality one-off projects to help your organization market yourselves better. 

Navy Minis

$25 - Per mini

Business Email Setup

Ready to stop looking like an amateur with an email like We’ll set up your very own email!

Website domain

Need a domain name for your company but have no idea where to start? We’ll help you get one set up. Example:
Hosting fees not included.

Cover Photos

Having a profile picture and cover photo that doesn’t fit correctly can look unprofessional. Let us help by creating a new profile picture and cover photo sized correctly.

Silver Minis

$50 - Per mini

Company Headshots

Need some new headshots? Quality photography is important. We’ll take up to 5 headshots for your business. Need more? Let’s talk about our larger photography package for your company.

Business Card Design

The ultimate networking tool can be yours. No need to dust off those graphic design skills. We’ll design an effective business card for you. Printing is not included.

Google My Business

Ever wondered how to control that side section on a Google search of your company? We’ll teach you how and help you set it up. Start reaching customers like never before.

Gold Minis

$100 - Per mini

Social Configuration

We’ll set up your Facebook page and Instagram account fully stocked with relevant information about your company. We’ll also include 5 social posts to get you started.

Social Graphics Pack

Need help with content for social? This graphics pack includes 10 social posts that are specially curated for your company.

Print Ad Design

Print is still relevant! From flyers to post cards, print can be a true asset to market your brand. Let us create a print ad that will convert for your company.


Choose one mini from each level for $150.

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With the plan in place, we do the work so you don’t have to.

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