About US

Education meets practical application

The Good Work Agency is a student marketing team at the University of Mobile representing a variety of majors from the Grace Pilot School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. 


Fall Semester: September – December

Application Deadline: July 15
Selection Process: July 16 – August 15
Orientation: Last week of August

Spring Semester: January – April

Application Deadline: November 15
Selection Process: November 16 – December 15
Orientation: Second week of January

Summer Semester: May – August

Application Deadline: March 15
Selection Process: March 16 – April 15
Orientation: Last week of April


Interested candidates should submit the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter 
  • Portfolio
    (For graphic design, photo, and video applicants)
  • Writing Sample
    (For writing and social media applicants)

Applications and inquiries should be directed to the University of Mobile’s Marketing and Public Relations office at hvester@umobile.edu.

Applications can be submitted at goodworkagency.com/apply.

Level 1: Intern (One Semester)

This is designed for students who just need to complete their internship credit.  To this: For students interested in a one-semester internship for academic course credit.

Level 2: Apprentice (2 Semesters)

For students who have completed their one-semester internship requirement and would like build upon that experience for an additional semester. 

Level 3: Associate (3+ semesters)

For students who have been involved with the agency for a year and want to continue sharpening their skills and building a portfolio of work. A scholarship is availability at this level.