Face it, in this day and age everyone needs a website, even churches. The Good Work Agency is here to not only help you through the stressful process of building a website, but we will  make sure you end up with a website you can enjoy for years to come! So, why should you choose us over other agencies?

We are Affordable

We know how expensive marketing can be, and we also know how frustrating it can be when agencies charge a flat rate for companies big and small. We are here to make sure you get a fair pricing for what you need. We at The Good Work Agency believe in meeting the clients needs and helping them achieve their goals first at an affordable rate.

We Know Trends

The Agency is made up of college students ranging in ages 18-22, so we know the current trends. We know what’s trending on social media and know what all the popular looks are. We will give your website a design that will last while sending a message that can be received by any type of community you would like to reach.

Faith is Important to Us

Our faith in God is important to us in all the work we do. We are taught that anything we do without faith is meaningless. The Good Work Agency was started because we saw a need in the church for marketing and website building, and we saw that we could help. We charge very low rates because making money is not the main goal of the agency. Our main goal is to contribute and help our brothers and sisters in Christ spread the gospel. The world wide web connects people to each other more than ever before, so we aim to utilize this for the Great Commission.

We Learn While You Look Good

The Good Work Agency is a student-run marketing agency at the University of Mobile. Thanks to clients like you, we are able to gain experience in our future workforce. While you are getting an awesome product, we are getting hands-on education. You are investing in our futures, and for that all of us here at the agency want to say, “Thank you!”

We Care About You as an Individual

Major advertising companies see a name of a church, not the people inside that church. The Good Work Agency promises to make sure your website is exactly what your church needs, but we will customize it for the people that call your church home.

Give us a call, and we would love to meet you. We don’t want to just build a website, we want to build a community with our brothers and sisters in Christ.