Dear Pastor,

A website is a representation of your church. Every time someone visits your website it is as if they were walking into the lobby of your church. The welcome banner popup with bright colors and an encouraging word is like the greeter with the big smile and kind, “good morning.” The announcements tab is like the bulletins that are handed out by the deacons. The “give” link is like the offering buckets passed around at the end of the service. The viewer will experience all the things that encompass the four walls of your church, your beliefs, your mission, and your community on your website.

A church website is likely to be your first impression.

97% of consumers search for local organizations online. It is more likely that a local potential church member will visit your website than read the clever sign on your front lawn.

A church website is always accessible.

Information is always readily accessible on a website, even when you cannot be. With a website the “porch light” is always on and you never have to turn anyone away.

A church website is an organizational tool.

It can help people stay up to date on church events, news, and current projects. It can connect volunteers and serve teams, It can connect people and meet needs.

A church website is your outreach.

It connects you not only with your surrounding community but with communities around the world. It allows you to reach people from all backgrounds and of all ages with efficiency and ease.

A church website is an identity.

“Get to know us”, “about”, “our mission” However your phrase it, a website allows people to know you.

A church website has answers.

Who is the pastor? Do you have a young adult group? What time are Wednesday night services?


I urge you to consider, if you do not already have a website for your church, to invest in one. If you have a church website, reevaluate it. Are you getting all the benefits? Is it engaging and informing people? Does it accurately reflect your church and its goals? A website is meant to help you as a pastor, not hinder you. Create a website that will serve you and your church best.