5 Ways to Automate Your Church


When you think of the word “Automate” what comes to mind? Probably not the church, right? Think again! Automation is something that can be a beautiful edition to not only the church staff but also its members.


  1. Automating Your Communication


An example on how to do this by setting up one card in your church for multiple things such as prayer requests, church membership, church info,etc.. And having a check box for the user’s needs at the time. Then when the card is set in its box it can “trigger” the person responsible for each service. 



2. Automating Your Website


This is probably one of the most effective ways of automating. You may think that a website itself is automated, and you are right but there are ways to make sure that the automation is efficient. Make sure that your church statement is clear and out front, as well as links to other social media. You can even have a place to go to submit prayer requests, online giving, camp registrations and more! 


  1. Automating Your Worship Service


One way to begin this is by timing your lighting with the music.  Another article written by Andy Mcmillan explains the process very well. https://www.churchproduction.com/education/how-to-automate-your-services/


  1. Automating Your Staff Needs

This is one of the subtle yet extremely efficient ways to automate the church. Online calendars are innovating the way businesses and families function worldwide, so why not use them to the benefit of the church? You simply make one calendar for your office and another to go on the church website and BOOM, done. Just keep it updated as needed! No more hassle in scheduling or getting info out to members.


  1. Automating Your Church Security

Automating your church security is something that probably every member can agree on. No one wants to be a victim of the threats that our out in our world today, and this simple step can really help with that, An example of doing this is by having all the children who are in their designated groups be in the same building and make them all be signed in and out by parents/guardians who have already been approved to escort each child. There are also many other ways to automate church security besides this one. 




“Why automate the church? Won’t that make it impersonal?” 

This is probably one of the most asked questions when this topic is brought up in the church, and the answer to this question is: We automate the church so people can serve where they are needed, and not where they aren’t. This means that by automating your sound for your worship, it frees up volunteers to serve in areas where they are more skilled. Not only does this work for automating your worship sound, but also with other areas in the church as well. 


About The Author


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