When the average person thinks of marketing, they may think of television commercials, online advertisements, word of mouth, or maybe even flyers. As we reach a new age, the modern business has to keep its eyes open to new opportunities to remain relevant. One of the best ways that a business can grow is by marketing itself on social media. But why would you ever fathom moving your marketing efforts online? Well here are four solid reasons that you should give it a shot.

1. Your Target Audience is Using Social Media

This may seem like a given, but A LOT of people use social media. According to Pew Research Center, as of 2019 69% of adults in the United States use Facebook. Of the population that uses Facebook, 74% visit the site daily. This means that literally hundreds of millions of adults in the United States visit Facebook on a consistent basis. This is just facebook though. Millions of other people are using Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. By moving your marketing efforts to social media, you would be potentially growing your reach exponentially.

2. Social Media Marketing is Inexpensive

There are better, more cost effective means are marketing today than there were in the past. No longer do brands have to invest in expensive means of marketing like buying television or radio slots, billboards, or direct mail. Social Media is free through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. You are not having to spend anything other than the time it takes to think of your content and posting it to whichever social media you desire. There are built-in options on many of these platforms to promote your posts for you. This will usually cost some money, but it is nothing in comparison to the capital you will spend on more traditional forms of marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

Whether your ad reaches your target number of consumers via social media or not, you will engrain your brand into the mind of this consumer. By advertising on social media, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand to a vast number of people over a short span of time. If you use this opportunity in an efficient manner, you will be able to communicate to these potential consumers who your brand is, what you do, and why they should choose your brand. Even if they do not act on this ad initially, they will become aware that your brand exists and they may be willing to choose to work with your brand in the future. 

4. Social Media Marketing Works

Brands that use social media as a platform to market their brand oftentimes find that their conversion rates increase. This is because consumers are more willing to work with your brand when you come to them. This means that since they spend their time using social media that they are more likely to use a brand that does the same. This brings commonality between the brand and the consumer and creates a connection between the two. Not only this, but consumers are more likely to work with a brand that comes to them rather than one that they have to search out on their own. 


Social media is a valuable tool to any marketer in today’s market. It is easily accessible and allows brands to make an impact that was seemingly unreachable in the past. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start marketing your brand through social media!