With the rise of technology, the importance of social media marketing has escalated through the roof. Social media marketing is a relatively new concept, making it confusing to many of us. So what are we supposed to do with this concept that is thrown around? We need to act on it, but often don’t know where to start. This blog will give you a good idea on where to start.

Identify your Target Market

This concept is essential to the well-being of your brand. This is because you need to know who you are selling to if you are going to market your brand. You need to understand that different demographic frequent different social media platforms. For instance, Facebook will draw an older crowd than Snapchat will. That said, you need to understand what demographic that your posts will reach on each social media platform.

To be able to recognize which demographic you will  be reaching on each market, you will need to do just a little research on each of these sites. They are all different, and so they will naturally draw different audiences.

Differentiate Your Ads

This step is essential because you cannot have one ad that you repeat on all social media platforms. This is a mistake that a lot of brands make. It is easy to do because “an ad is an ad”. Like I mentioned in the last section, different demographics use different social media. This means that you need to personalize your posts or ads to match the demographic that will be reading these. By doing this, these demographics will feel targeted and will be more likely to choose your brand to work with. With this said, be sure that you don’t change too drastically between each platform. Definitely switch it up a little, and this will lead me to my next point…

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Consistency in branding is key. Without it, your brand runs the risk of losing its image. Your brand identifies who you and what you do. So if you are posting totally different things in different styles on different platforms, your brand’s image will be confused by your consumers. while different demographics do use different social media, there is still an overlap. Think about it. Do you only use one social media platform? I know that I use several. Most people use more than one form of social media, so switching your posts up drastically by social media platforms will confuse your consumers.

Your brand’s image is essential to your brand, and that is the point that I am trying to make in saying this. Don’t be afraid to switch up the things that you post on social media. This is essential when using several different social media platforms. Just be sure to keep your brand image consistent through this process.