Here they are!

1. Search Engine Optimization

With search engines, like Google, being many people’s primary, and sometimes only, source of research for businesses and churches to try out, presence on the internet is becoming more and more necessary for brand recognition. This means the more that your brand or church name appears on the internet, the easier it is to be found by “googlers”, and potential customers, clients, or members. A blog is a great way to make your presence known on the web and to be recognizable by search engines, and expose your brand name to many more internet users. 

2. Build A Relationship With Customers/Members

As your business or church grows, and in a time when many consumers are exclusively online and never meet the supplier, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect with your clients/church members. That is why the modern solution for this is business blogs. With the possibilities of instant back-and-forth from your consumers, it brings the seemingly outdated concept of personal interaction with every customer to the 21st century, even if they are across the world. 

3. New Opportunities to Advertise

Another great advantage of running a business oriented blog is advertisement to a new community of people. While newspaper advertisements are obscure, and television advertisements can be very costly, a blog can be a chance to advertise your brand/church to a whole new audience that may never see your logo otherwise. Though you could use this blog to talk about anything pertaining to your business (meaning not necessarily advertisements) anyone who sees this that has never heard of your business becomes a new potential member or customer. With the internet being not only a new medium for shopping, it is also regularly used, and it is important for internet users to have the chance to run across an advertisement of your brand. 

4. Get Instant Feedback

In the culture that we live in, everything is instant. A blog gives business owners like yourself the opportunity to instantly receive criticism or praise, and instantly fix problems you may have, to instantly please your customers. Some other pros for being able to get immediate feedback from consumers is for an early trial for new business ventures or ideas. For example, if you try a risky idea and it is not well received, readers of your blog may tell you soon, giving you time to fix it before you lose money or patrons. Or, if new changes are going well, then you will know early on, through reviews on the blog to reinforce the new idea and capitalize on it. 

5. Expand Your Network

As any seasoned businessman or woman will testify, networking is as important a part of branding as anything. However, in the 21st century, networking is not only limited to people you can come across by going to briefings or interest meetings. A blog can be a very useful way to meet other business owners and entrepreneurs. You can even refer others to their blogs in exchange for them reposting yours. This casual partnership can be a mutually beneficial way of networking. It can also be a good medium for more established business owners or businesses who may want you to supply to them to hear your brand name. 

6. Grow Your Email List

A very effective way of advertising to people personally is through ads emailed directly to people. Like a blog, email is a significant presence on the internet, but more importantly, is still the strongest form of business communication to date, and perfect for personal advertisement that will be seen on a regular basis. However it is rather uncommon for customers to offer their email to receive messages from your company or church. A blog is a perfect medium for your clients to give their email to your business to add to your email list. 


7. Create A Personality For Your Brand

The last listed reason that every Business or church should have a blog is to control the message that you give to your audience and show the brand’s “personality”. You can do this through the way you write in your blogs, and what you write about. Though many people will talk about your business or church, a blog is a unique way to talk about it personally to an audience of readers who are interested in your business. Just like it helps a company owner to hear direct, personalized feedback from consumers/members, it encourages stronger relationships between clients and business if the clients can read personalized messages from the business on the blog.  



A blog is a very useful to for businesses/churches to use as a branding technique, to show your brand’s personality to consumers, get instant feedback for new ideas, and to build relationships with your clients/members, or other businesses who may help grow your brand name. It can be used to draw more attention to your company/church through a strong internet presence, and by optimizing search engine suggestion for your business. In whatever way that a blog will grow your business/church, it is one of the most effective methods in 2019.