There are several types of websites that are easily accessible and fairly affordable to build online today. Each different type of website serves a different purpose, so this means that your brand may be utilizing the wrong kind of website. Does it really make a difference what kind of website your brand uses? It absolutely does. This may be because your company could utilize a website with different functionality. Or maybe your customers would just prefer the simplicity of a pure blog. Regardless, here is a breakdowns of each type of website and its functionality.


An e-commerce website makes it easy for your brand to sell its goods or services from an online platform. This type of website makes the process of selling much simpler for your brand. Rather than opening a storefront, building an e-commerce site could prove to be cheaper and more effective for your brand. Even if your brand has a storefront, an e-commerce website could be beneficial to your brand. This website would allow your brand to have a larger reach and allow for more people to access your brand’s image and inventory. By expanding your storefront to an online platform, you would very likely build a larger clientele. You would have your original clientele, plus those who will strictly purchase goods or services online.


A blog, short for web log, allows your brand to share information with those who are seeking out that specific information. A blog specific website features a plethora of different blog posts, often by different authors that share information surrounding a certain area of emphasis. For instance, the blog section on allows people to learn more about marketing and what strategies are best for their brand. A blog specific website is ideal for brands that would like to share their ideas, opinions, or expertise with an audience. Blogs specific websites are also ideal if your brand is not selling a good or service.

Business Brochure

A business brochure website is one that essentially acts as a website that advertises what your brand does. This could be an informative webpage where you explain what your brand does. This could also be a webpage where visitors seek out information about your brand. This type of website is best best when you are simply trying to put out information regarding your brand. Maybe you aren’t very well known, or you’re a new brand looking to make a name for yourself. In this case, a business brochure website may be best for you.


In most cases, brands are better off going with a hybrid of the aforementioned website types. Typically, they will more than likely need to fit several different aspects into their interface to provide the best experience for their consumers. While some brands can get away with having one strict website type, it is rare. You may even find that your brand needs to expand past the types listed here. That is totally fine! Find what works for your brand and run with it! Just make sure that you are optimizing the website to fit your brand and the clientele that it brings.